ROAR Testimonials

Ajai Blue-Saunders (Managing Director, JobsRVA Inc.)

I run a nonprofit- JobsRVA whose mission is to engage communities interested in alleviating poverty through a relational job readiness program. Since 2018, I have attended the monthly Route 1 (formerly Jefferson Davis Hwy) corridor meetings where my interest is to develop a site location to host these classes. Mrs. Marble has afforded me the opportunity to share the mission and passion of JobsRVA and how we require committed partnerships to make job readiness training a reality.

Not only has ROAR provided me with area connections and resources in which to partner with, but she truly believes in the mission of creating healthy community partnerships to lift residents out of poverty into thriving neighborhoods.

I truly value the partnership with ROAR and know together we can help make the visions and missions of both agencies a practicality.

Kevin Singleton (Shady Hill Mobile Home Park)

I am 56, had a heat stroke in 2013, and have been talking with one vocal cord since then. So, people have a hard time understanding me when I speak. I can’t talk on the phone, I can only text. I got an urgent letter from Social Security. Since I don’t have a car, I walk or take the bus to work or appointments, etc. The Social Security office was not open for face-to-face appointments, so I needed some help. Kim at ROAR took time to understand my situation and helped me contact Social Security by phone so I could resolve this important issue. ROAR also referred me to get help from a speech pathologist at the VA to help make communication easier for me. Whenever I see her, Kim also helps me practice my efforts to lower my pitch and speak slower and more clearly so I can get my message across more effectively.

Dr. Paul Chipman (Author & Co-Founder)

ROAR has been a tremendous blessing in my life in connecting me with other members of the faith community serving the Route 1 Corridor. As the author of new book, Think Right Live Right: A 21-Day Plan to Overcome Negative Thoughts and a co-founder Hope For the Home Counseling Ministries, it has been a pleasure to network with a community of believers who seek to enhance the lives of the people living on the Route 1 corridor and the greater Richmond area. Under the visionary leadership of Kim Marble, all participants are encouraged to share their vision and gifts to help advance God’s kingdom agenda. Through my participation in the group, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to speak in fellow participants’ churches and conduct Think Right Live Right workshops to equip attendees with the requisite skills to control their thoughts rather than be controlled by their thoughts. ROAR has the potential to bring together an array of diverse peoples of various socioeconomic groups together to accomplish things together that they could never accomplish alone.

Griendora McDowell (Owner and CEO of Consultz4U LLC.)

R.O.A.R. is constantly doing the work of being a resource that connects businesses and individuals alike to what they need to push their mission forward. Prior to my meeting Kim in person, just via an email invite, when she discovered that I was looking to grow from my home office into a larger space to launch a Staffing Agency, she connected me with Biz Works and the Tanner & Kiva team. The invitation was also extended to the monthly Faith Leaders Breakfast and exposed me to more kingdom resources which allows me to move forward in purpose. I truly believe that what ROAR is doing is intended for such a time as this!

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